Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I visited a friend last night to celebrate the New Year and I found a $.10 on the floor. I thought, Awesome! But alas, the rule is that I have to find it in public. So I left it at his house. I'm having a hard time finding takers for the $5 pool, but I have a whole year to convince them I guess. In regards to that, another rule I'll set is that I can't tell them the amount I've already found before they've given their prediction. If they know how much I've found six months into this little experiment, they could take an average and perhaps gain an advantage to predict by.

I did already state my prediction, which was: $2.26. Two days before this experiment began I did find a dime in Walmart! W00t! I love finding change! I heard a little story on the radio how this man who only used cash and saved all his change ended up using the change over time to buy a new car with. That's a whole lot of ca-ching.

Happy New Year everyone!
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