Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 18th, 2008.

My trip started near a tall circular structure that was to be used to make lightning that would be used to to make the world move. But, because of some angry and fearful individuals this structure stood useless. Once my trip began I crossed a great river overseen by a green one-lane bridge with steel trusses overhead. The road was a long and winding one. Many people lived off of this land I traversed. Strange creatures of the night whose eyes glowed bright green roamed about and threatened me with their quick evading movements.

Mowell road eluded me and I traveled onward, second guessing myself. Upon retracing my path I discovered a road named Mowl instead. "Why not take it?" I thought and took a chance with it. I dipped and swayed and bumped through the night, as I moved along the trail, not another traveler in sight. I trekked onward on a one lane road with much doubt in my mind, baffled at the direction a digital god had given me. This road perried and swayed against my attacks and I countered it well against its own, until finally this long winding serpent named Mowell had come to an end.

This new path I took was a bit more comfortable to travel, but forked was it much to my dismay. I veered left thinking it a continuation of the same road. I traveled and proceeded for quite some time. Living in these lands meant a life of cattle. To the cattle a life of fences and bailed hay. Along this road upon which I veered shown blazing orange eyes. As most do sleep during this time, one cow, so brazen, thought it a good time to have a snack. So this cow fought sleep long enough to enjoy some fresh hay. The late night cow gets the hay much as the early bird gets the worm, I suppose. I saw this cow twice, once from the back end and then once from the front end as I decided to try using the other half of the fork.

As I danced along the other half of the fork, many lights shown upon my visage. I thought it peculiar to see such a place out in the middle of nowhere's land. As I reached the place where the light came from I saw many large land beasts that were mechanical in nature, whose bellies were filled with an abundance of things. I decided that my belly should also be filled and so I stopped across the road from these grumbling creatures who billowed smoke from their horns.

Once inside I skulked about weary from my strange journey. I needed rejuvenation, but I could not choose what that sustenance would be. As I rummaged around, a dark skinned man with a barrel of a torso trudged about. His locks ran half the length of him and were white as that of a clergyman's robe. He carried with him a drinking cup that mimicked the shape of his torso with which he refilled to the brim, so that his tongue would not be parched during his own bizarre voyage. Bizarre enough I imagine, to turn a man's hair white.

I gave the shopkeep her pittance for my victuals and continued on. A muted ring sounded from my pocket and upon my inquiry, I heard another voice calling me. This voice asked if I was to be arriving soon. I spoke about much of my travels and they were pleased to know of my whereabouts. Nearing the end of my journey I came upon a mighty village with buildings to either side of me that seemingly tried swallow up the road with their steps and sidewalks. The roads became awash with green, then red, and then green again. And I was there. I met with the only one courageous enough to fight against sleep's beckoning call and he had a dog who was most excited by my arrival, even though we were mutually strangers.

This fellow so courageous showed me things most humorous, told me the latest news and showed me where I could rest my head. I readied myself for the inviting throes of sleep. And soon, all was quiet and peaceful as the people who dwelled inside the house of the welcoming host all laid in rest.
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