Monday, November 19, 2007


Here's what is wrong with the media. So many people have to sell out in order to exist in the media. Here's an example, and I know that it's kinda lame that I watched this with so much intent. But hey, it was on. MTVs Wanna Be a VJ contest showed exactly this sort of selling out. Or maybe not. Stay with me to understand.

Ray, a short-haired, blond, wiry looking fella ended up winning a Wanna Be a VJ contest. He was quite outspoken about how MTV is so cliche and shows crappy music and he hoped to bring more electronica and Bob Marley to the network. Which is kind of funny.

Soon after, he got his shot at introducing videos on the network he was no longer able to be the outspoken fellow that said, "You know, this video sucks, I don't understand why you people like it, now here it is." Instead it was business as usual and he soon was no longer on MTV, either because he was defiant or because he just didn't work for them. If he was defiant then he actually didn't sell out.

The VJs are robots trained to do what they're told and there's no real personality coming from them because of that. The reason for that is because it's a formula that works for MTV. They don't want people to give their opinions, because if they do there's a good chance they'll piss off their sponsors and they'll be short some money.

"Taser This: Fuck Bush", "Nappy-headed hos", and "This is a Brokeback Mountain game, because there was so much penetration." Are all great examples of people speaking their minds, right or wrong as they may be, and were chastised for it by the respective companies they were affiliated with. The reason they were chastised is because of the fear that sponsors would hit the eject button and those companies would no longer have the money they once had. It all comes down to money not moral concern.

This explains why at the beginning of certain programs there's a warning that says "These are not necessarily the views of the network." But hey, selling out can be a good thing to certain people. Somebody gets paid a lot of money, and we all need money unfortunately. Heck that's why there are ads on this blog.

Hooray for capitalism!
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