Wednesday, March 26, 2008


There's a lot of different types of bottled water out there. All of which aren't worth buying unless you're not near a drinking fountain or near a trustworthy tap. The truth is, the water from the tap is very often the same water that is in the bottles. Well, maybe they run the bottled water through a whole bunch of coffee filters that are sewn together first, but mostly it's the same stuff.

However several companies including Snapple, Sobe, Propel, and Glaceau have their own versions of "water." "Antioxidant water", "life water" "invigorating water", "vitamin water" are the names of the waters that these companies produce. None of which are clear, none of which taste tasteless.

I'm confused though, if water has a flavor, if water is colored then how can it still be water? I would call it a flavored drink. Marketing stategy defeated.
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