Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes. I did pick these up.

OMGEEZ! I've had a fun time trying to keep up with all the change I've found so far. I know it is such a mundane thing really, but I find it to be quite an interesting experiment. I'm pretty sure I've missed out on about 33 cents because of various social situations however.

The first miss was on an escalator between the set of stairs, I wasn't fast enough, and people were horny to get on the moving stairs, that was at least 6 cents. The second occasion was in San Francisco. I had more of an opportunity to get it, but there was a change hungry zombie across from it who was asking for change. I had the notion soon after the opportunity had passed to go pick up the 2 cents and give it to him. But, if you get in a situation like that you have to be ready for anything, and I didn't feel like dealing with him.

For the third I saw a quarter lying on the ground in front of a Hardees drive-thru. Now this situation is rare, because a person just doesn't happen by a drive thru. I've had to fight the urge to scour them for change because people drop a lot there, but it is an awkward social situation to just open your door and pick it all up while you're waiting on your food. But in this instance, we parked on the side with the drive thru and it was very near the entrance to the restaurant, but when I had the chance to snatch up the 1/4 dollar a car pulled up to get their food.

I've picked up some pretty dirty money. Certain coins were dirty enough to photograph.

This particular penny conflicts with the rules. As previously stated, change can only count if found out in public. This penny was found outside on the ground at my house.

I know I never dropped this penny because I would remember such a screwed up penny and I generally don't maim money for fun and neither does my Dad. I want to count this coin. But I need the OK of the people that have thrown in the pot in order to count it. They approve, it has been counted.

Yes. I did pick these up.
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